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Welcome to the UK Aerospace Industry website. Here you will find everything to do with the aerospace industry in the UK, from private aircraft charters, to aerospace jobs and recruitment advice. When it comes to working within the aerospace industry, there are many different fields and positions that you can apply for. But trying to find the right aerospace industry job can be frustrating. Having one location that you can go to for all your aerospace recruitment and training needs means that you will be able to make your dream career happen that much quicker. That is where we come in. With us you will also be able to reach a much bigger audience.

As you search our site for the perfect position for you, you will see there are many companies that have suitable roles available. Perhaps the aerospace industry jobthat you are looking for is as an engineer, a flight attendant, or perhaps you are looking for a licensed pilot training course. Maybe you are a pilot and are looking for a role with a private air charter company? If these are the roles that you are looking for then our site is perfect for you, and is sure to have what you are looking for if it is available. This is a site that can narrow down the places to search for just what you are looking for. There are many noteworthy companies that advertise with us.If you are interested in UK Aerospace Industry, feel free to contact us.

Please Note

This website has nothing to do with the old Northern Ireland Aerospace Consortium website.

For more information regarding the Northern Ireland Aerospace Consortium please contact them directly at Northern Ireland Technology Centre, Cloreen Park, Malone Road, Belfast, BT9 5HN, on (028) 90 27 45 05, or via post@niac.org.uk.